Kinderdijk Tour

Go back in time with a guide in an adventure full of sails, water and willpower! During our Kinderdijk Tour, a guide will immerse you into the story of Kinderdijk UNESCO World Heritage site.

What can you expect?

Our mills are amazing machines that have been keeping our feet dry for over 700 years. During the tour, a guide will take you past various locations. Take a look inside the impressive engine room of the Wisboom pumping station and discover how the pumping station from 1868 used to operate. In our workstation, you will learn more about the various mill components, tools, and the miller’s craft. On the way to the Nederwaard Museum Mill, the guide will be able to tell you everything about the area, nature, history, and the mills themselves!

Immerse yourself in the world of millers and experience what it is like to walk in the footsteps of a miller!


Kinderdijk Tour | Walk along with a guide

The Kinderdijk Tour will last 1 to 1.5 hours and takes place every Friday and Saturday in February. Two tours are scheduled each day, alternating between Dutch and English languages. See the schedule below:

Kinderijk Tour Timetable ENG

Get your tickets here!

Tickets for admission with the Kinderdijk Tour can be purchased online until one hour before the tour starts. If you are already in Kinderdijk, ask at the reception in the Visitors Center about the available options.


Other visiting locations

After the tour, there is time to explore our other visit locations independently with this new knowledge. Discover our other the Blokweer Museum Mill or board the tour boat.

Kinderdijk rondvaart
Museummolen Blokweer