Living with water for over 750 years. How residents make and keep their country livable through hard work and smart organization. How mills, millers, nature and the traditional Dutch landscape move with the times. And how the rest of the Netherlands and the world can learn from innovative water management.

Luchtfoto Kinderdijk

Water management

The people of Kinderdijk have learned how to live together with the water. Here, you’ll find out how the Dutch slowly mastered the art of smart and sustainable water management.

Kinderdijk History

Take a dive into the tale of our centuries-old struggle with the water. The history of Kinderdijk shows how the Netherlands managed to survive below sea level for so long.

UNESCO World Heritage

The windmills of Kinderdijk are a unique feat of global culture. That’s why this area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, allowing the whole world to come and experience our story!

Windmills and pumps

For centuries, we kept inventing smarter technologies to keep our soil dry using windmills and pumps. Come and witness what human wits and the force of nature can achieve together!

Molencomplex Kinderdijk
Familie Hoek - Werelderfgoed Kinderdijk


Most of Kinderdijk UNESCO World Heritage’s 19 mills are inhabited. Having occupants is an important part of the authenticity and heritage value of the area.

The countryside

A visit to Kinderdijk is a perfect match for bicycle tours and hiking in the polder landscape: a beautiful setting for a day out and the best photography!

Polder Alblasserwaard in Kinderdijk

Landscape and Wildlife

Discover rare meadow birds among the waving reeds, and enjoy walking, cycling, or taking the best pictures in the glorious wide-open countryside of Holland’s Green Heart!

Cities & villages

From Kinderdijk, it’s a surprisingly short trip to the best ancient Dutch cities; by bike, by Waterbus, by car, or by bus, for a rich and rewarding day out with the whole family!


Are you planning to visit Kinderdijk this summer? Please take into account the various roadworks.