Illumination Week 2024

From September 2 to September 7 our windmills are in the spotlight during the enchanting Illumination Week. Come daydream in a Dutch fairytale landscape, gazing at the sparkling reflection of our illuminated windmills on the water.

Illumination Week 2024

During the Illumination Week, the windmills light up as beacons in the darkness, as we literally put all nineteen of them in the spotlight. It’s a fantastic opportunity for photographers to capture unique shots. However, it’s also well worth it for all other visitors to come and experience the atmosphere because such a magnificent spectacle is not seen or experienced anywhere else in the world. Below is an overview of the activities during the Illumination Week 2024.

Come back to this page at a later time for an overview of the activities during the 2024 edition.

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Today, our Kinderdijk-cafe and the Giftshop in the Visitor Center are open. All other visitor locations will be open again tomorrow from 9 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.