Step right into history

Nederwaard Museum Mill

Built in 1738, this old engine is still in prime shape. See, hear, and feel for yourself how the Nederwaard Museum Mill still makes its rounds nearly three centuries after it was built.

For decades now, the Nederwaard Museum Mill has been welcoming visitors from all over the world. Millions have stared in awe at this impressive wooden machine. In this windmill, you’ll step right into history. Everything here breathes the atmosphere of ages past. You’ll feel like a time-traveller as you discover the story told by historic black-and-white photos, items used by real miller families, and obviously, the powerful beating hearts of the mighty windmill itself.

Uitzicht Museummolen Nederwaard

Beautiful view.

Hoek family

For generations, this mill was occupied and operated by members of the Hoek family. This famous miller’s family set foot on Kinderdijk soil back in 1744, personified by Jacob Hoek. Just imagine that these mills were home to families with a dozen kids cramped for space! Inside, you’ll gaze at black-and-white photos from back in the days, straight from the Hoek family albums. As the sails spin by outside, and the internal mechanism creaks and groans all around you, you’ll experience how a real miller must have felt. Try one of the bedsteads for yourself, and then imagine what is must have been like to share the tiny living room with ten of your brothers and sisters running all over the place….

Molenaar in knusse woonkamer van Museummolen Nederwaard.
Bedstee in Museummolen Nederwaard
Knus hoekje in Museummolen Nederwaard
Woonkamer Museummolen Nederwaard
De zolder van Museummolen Nederwaard