Get a taste of the classic miller’s life

Blokweer Museum Mill

Picture perfect – that’s a safe way to describe the Blokweer Museum Mill and its surrounding millyard. Visiting this monument from 1630 is an absolute must, especially for families with children.

This mill is different from its Kinderdijk brothers and sisters. It’s older too, as its original proof of purchase showed when it was recently discovered in a dusty city archive. The official receipt proved that this hollow-post mill was built in 1630, making it well over a century older than any other in Kinderdijk. This hollow-post construction can turn its entire top section to face the wind. From the outside, you get a great view of how the scoop wheel moves the water.

Kinderen bij diertjes molenerf Musuemmolen Blokweer Kinderdijk
Kinderen uitleg molenaar Kinderdijk


At the Blokweer Museum Mill, you’ll experience what life was like in the fifties of last century. Children get a special up-close look on their very own tour across the millyard, guided by eight-year-old miller’s son little Pete. The moment you step across the threshold of Blokweer, you take a leap back in time. In the yard, you’ll see why a couple of goats and a vegetable plot were badly needed to make ends meet back in the days. Here, the millers walk around wearing traditional garments. To be sure, they’ll just slip back into their regular jeans when they get home at night, but during your visit they’ll do what it takes to let you experience life as it used to be in and around a Dutch windmill. Romantic? Absolutely, but a hard life nonetheless!

Tasty break

Do you need a tasty break during your visit? Enjoy a tasty sandwich or a delicious ice cream or cup of coffee between the windmills and by the water!