For Tour Operators

In Kinderdijk UNESCO World Heritage, we offer various options for tour operators to visit us with a group.

Unique Offer

A visit to the world-famous windmills of Kinderdijk is an essential part of any (group) trip to the Netherlands. For tour operators, we have a unique selection of packages that allow visitors to admire the beautiful windmills up close and experience this unique piece of the Netherlands while strolling and/or cruising along the winding paths and picturesque waterways.

Get in Touch

Would you like to receive more information about the various tours available to tour operators? Please contact our colleagues at the Reservations department, see the contact info at the right. All our packages are available for groups of 15 people or more and must be booked in advance by email.

Are you planning to visit Kinderdijk this summer? Please take into account the various roadworks.