Aboard the barge 'Alles Heeft een Tijd'

Floating exhibition

Step aboard the barge 'Alles Heeft een Tijd' and visit the exhibition about water management and climate change.

Adhecent to the yard of the Blokweer Museum Mill you will find the barge ‘Alles Heeft een Tijd’ (which translates to: ‘Everything Has a Time’). After having sailed for years as a barge and being inhabited, the ship has now been fully restored and furnished, and serves as visitor location in our World Heritage Site.


Three short films

Step aboard and delve deeper into the story of the Sint Elisabeth flood, the water system of the Alblasserwaard and the challenges of climate change for the future through three short films. But beware, the ship is quite low so watch your head!

Zeilschip Alles Heeft een Tijd tekening

Original drawing of the ship

Sailing ship

The Alles Heeft een Tijd was built in 1914 for the transport of goods. What makes this ship special is that it has never been motorized, which means that it has remained a fairly untouched sailing ship.