Unique outdoor exhibition

In honor of our 25th anniversary as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, we have opened a unique outdoor exhibition today. This exhibition showcases photographs of our staff and volunteers dressed in authentic clothing from the past. Will you also come and take a look into the history of the mill area?

The story in pictures

The twelve staged photographs, each with its own caption, tell the story of life in the past in our mill area. With the life-sized photos displayed in the grass between the Wisboom Pumping Station and Secondary Pumping Station De Fabriek, visitors can immerse themselves in our unique history and experience the beautiful surroundings of Kinderdijk.

Opening buitenexpositie Kinderdijk
Opening buitenexpositie Kinderdijk

The exhibition will be open for one month starting today. It is a wonderful opportunity to visit Kinderdijk and see how millers used to live. Don’t miss this unique chance and come and take a glimpse into the past of Kinderdijk!


Personal touch

This outdoor exhibition is not only a great way to celebrate our 25th anniversary as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but it is also a tribute to the people who work tirelessly to protect and preserve this heritage. The employees and volunteers of Kinderdijk have added a special personal touch to the exhibition by being photographed themselves. As a result, this exhibition not only provides a historical overview but also showcases the dedication of our staff and volunteers to the preservation of our unique part of the Netherlands.


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Lisanne Vermaas

Lisanne Vermaas

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