Cheese, candles, and treacle waffles: how Dutch do you want it?

Gouda is about as Dutch as it gets! This is the city where the traditions of world-famous cheese, candles, and treacle waffles are kept alive. The heart of the city is a museum in itself, where the Stadhuys city hall will make you feel like walking straight into the Golden Age. Come have a bite of history in Gouda!

At cycling distance from Kinderdijk

The city of Gouda is situated on the banks of the river Hollandse IJssel, right in the middle of Holland’s Groene Hart natural heartland. The city and its immediate vicinity are a feast for the eyes. Starting at Kinderdijk, anyone can easily reach it by bicycle, either brought along or rented on the spot. Go for a great combined visit en enjoy a bicycle ride through the sweeping polder countryside, blending nature, culture, and relaxation into the perfect mix for a great day out.


A bastion of cultural traditions

Throughout history, Gouda has been an important city for the Netherlands. The city itself is a real treat for any visitor, because no matter whether you’re a foreign tourist or a Dutch resident intent on spending a nice day out, Gouda always has something good and tasty in store for you. Feast your eyes on the historical cheese market, where farmers and cheese traders still clap each other’s hands to literally strike a bargain and determine the price of genuine Gouda cheese. On the market square in front of the Waag, where the cheeses are weighed, cheese porters run to and fro carrying traditional brigs full of cheese in a spectacular display for all ages. Discover how Gouda has also been producing the world’s finest hand-crafted candles for centuries, and while you’re there, make sure sink your teeth into some genuine Gouda Stroopwafel treacle waffles!


Have a taste of cultural tradition

Gouda’s old inner city is a real treat for shopaholics and urban explorers alike. Ancient buildings, traditional cheese shops, narrow alleyways, and hidden courtyards provide an unparalleled glimpse into the Dutch cities of the Golden Age. Make sure to drop by and get a personal taste of the rich cultural traditions that Gouda has to offer.

Are you planning to visit Kinderdijk this summer? Please take into account the various roadworks.