Tasty Day

Looking for a fun day out with delicious snacks? On Saturday, June 8th, UNESCO World Heritage Kinderdijk is hosting a Tasty Day! Experience a small culinary journey around our beautiful museum windmills and discover the flavorful traditions of the Netherlands, accompanied by enjoyable activities for the whole family.

Discover the flavors of traditional Dutch snacks as you stroll past the charming stalls on the windmill grounds of Museummolen Nederwaard. Here, you can immerse yourself in the variety of regional cheeses and breads. And don’t forget to treat your sweet tooth at the candy stall with authentic stroopwafels and other delicacies. All snacks at the Nederwaard windmill grounds are available for a small price.

Looking for a little sweetness on the go? Then hop aboard our Hopper!


Food and Fun

At Tasty Day, it’s not just about indulging your taste buds, but also about nourishing your inner child with traditional Dutch fun! Challenge your friends to a game of shuffleboard or learn the art of stilt walking. In the mood for a sweet challenge? Show off your skills at “koekhappen”, a classic game that everyone enjoys.


For our young visitors, there’s a spot where they can decorate cupcakes themselves. They can get creative while enjoying the cozy atmosphere in and around Hulpgemaal de Fabriek.