Windmill Day

When there is sufficient wind, as many windmills as possible are operating during Windmill Day. Every first Saturday of the month from 1 to 5 p.m.

Annual event

The mill’s milling days have been organized since 1956. The reason that the mill’s milling days are organized is that all mills are structured and milled simultaneously for a period of time. It is a beautiful sight every year to see as many windmills as possible in operation at the same time. The minimum wind force required to put a mill into its work, and to allow the mill to continue milling days, is from wind force 2-3. The mills will be operation between 13:00 and 17:30 hours.

Is a visit to World Heritage Kinderdijk planned? It is a wonderful sight to see as many rotating windmills as possible at the same time! Hope to see you soon on one of the mill’s milling days!


From wind force 2-3 the mill can be operated on a Windmill Day



The windmills in Kinderdijk are not only a unique sight from the outside. In the museum mills you can discover how the Kinderdijkers used to live here. See, hear and dwell in the mighty beating heart of a mill. Take a leap back in time and let yourself be taken into the story of our prehistory. Children learn in a playful way everything about life in the past. With a ticket you can visit both museum mills and board one of our tour boats. Let the impressive World Heritage slide past you. That’s just enjoying!

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A fun day out!