Photo exhibition Millers' Craft

From July 4th to August 1st, the traveling exhibition of talented photographer Ezra Böhm can be admired in our Visitors Center.

This unique exhibition showcases the breathtaking images that were specially created for the anniversary book of the Dutch Mill called “From Tool to Global Brand.” This book was released to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Dutch Mill, a milestone that honors the rich history and importance of the milling industry in the Netherlands.



Whether you are a history enthusiast, a photography lover, or simply intrigued by the magic of mills, this exhibition is a must-see. Take the time to explore the exhibition, be inspired by the beauty of the millers’ craft, and discover how this centuries-old tradition has contributed to shaping our landscape and culture.


Ticket Shop

Don’t miss this unique opportunity! Visit the Kinderdijk Visitors Center between July 4th and August 1st and immerse yourself in the beauty of the millers’ craft. We warmly welcome you to our ticket shop, where you can admire this special exhibition.