Discover Delftware and Dutch Masters in the City of Princes

Just above Rotterdam lies Delft, City of Princes. Delft is home to the paintings of Dutch Master Vermeer, delftware, and a leading tech university. Still, Delft is mostly the city of William of Orange, founding father of the Netherlands. The old inner city, with its canals, monuments, and lively outdoor cafés is definitely worth a visit!

Kinderdijk and the City of Princes

Delft is surprisingly close to Kinderdijk. It will only take you forty-five minutes by car, but public transport connections between these two neighbours are excellent alternatives. What’s more: as you travel to Delft, you will get some great views of the characteristic Dutch polder countryside that windmills like those at Kinderdijk have been working so hard to protect. That’s why, starting out from Kinderdijk, a visit to the City of Princes is a great way to make your historical Dutch day trip complete!


A Golden Age neighbour

In the Dutch Golden Age, Delft was one of the largest and most important cities of the country. You can still sense this rich history all over town today. All over the world, collectors are out to find Delft’s prized delftware pottery – not to mention the unparalleled paintings by the hand of Johannes Vermeer, of course! The cultural wealth of Delft’s past can be seen and felt in every part of the city. Anyone who wants to experience how the Dutch cities thrived and flourished, due in part to the efforts of windmills such as those in Kinderdijk, can get a personal taste of those glory days after just an hour’s travel to Delft!