Welcome to our Kinderdijk cafe! Enjoy a drink or tasty snack here or to go with a breathtaking view of the windmills.

Looking for a drink or snack on the go or on the terrace? Then you have come to the right place at our Kinderdijk-café! Take a look at our assortment, and have you already made your choice? Then walk in and pass by the cash register, our staff will be happy to help you!

Food & Drink offer

Hot drinksPrijs*
Fresh mint tea€3.75
Café au Lait€3.75
Latte macchiato€4.25
Latte macchiato with syrop€4.75
Espresso macchiato€3.75
Chocolate milk€3.75
Whipped cream€0.75
Cold drinks
Coca Cola€3.85*
Coca Cola Zero€3.85*
Fuze Tea€3.85*
Fuze Tea Green€3.85*
Chocolate milk€3.85*
Bitter lemon€3.20*
Still water€3.05*
Sparkling water€3.05*
*Price excludes €0.15 deposit
Alcoholic drinks
Heineken 0.0%€4.00
Craft beer€6.00
Various pastries€4.25
Various sandwichesFrom €7.95
Sweet snacks (such as muffins, etc.)From €2.75
Savory snacks (such as sausage roll, cheese roll, etc.)From €2.75

Our products and prices have been carefully selected, but it may happen that certain products are temporarily unavailable or that the prices differ slightly from what is listed here. We do our utmost to keep this information up to date. If you have any questions about specific products or current prices, please feel free to stop by.


Visitor Center

After your visit to our Kinderdijk café, be sure to take a look in our gift shop, especially if you’re looking for a souvenir of your visit. Here you will find various (sustainable) products that symbolize Holland and Kinderdijk.


Do you have any questions about your visit to Kinderdijk? Please feel free to stop by our reception. The restrooms are located in the basement (down the stairs in the Gift Shop).

Are you planning to visit Kinderdijk this summer? Please take into account the various roadworks.