The Dutch global calling card

In addition to being our national capital, Amsterdam is the global face of the Netherlands. Tulips, wooden shoes, and, of course, windmills all connect to the famous images of the Amsterdam canals. Rich in culture and reputation, Amsterdam is a fine place to continue your experience of Holland after visiting Kinderdijk.

Closer to Kinderdijk than you think

On the map, it may seem as if Amsterdam is a long way from Kinderdijk, but in fact, it is pretty close. Moreover, the seventy-kilometre strip dividing them is a typically Dutch landscape, so you’ll have plenty of sweeping vistas of the Low Countries to take in  as you make the short trip by train or by car. Of course, anyone visiting the capital who wants to see the Kinderdijk windmills will also have plenty of opportunities to combine both destinations into a single day trip!


Arts, culture, and History in Amsterdam

If you really want to grasp the essence of the Netherlands, you simply can’t afford skipping Amsterdam, really. The Dam Square Palace, The Rijksmuseum and Van Goghmuseum, the markets of Waterloo Square and Albert Cuyp, and the inner city with its canals and classical façades: it doesn’t get much more Dutch than this. All throughout the year, Amsterdam hosts exhibitions. concerts, festivals, and other events, so anyone willing to plan ahead will always find something to enjoy and experience in Amsterdam!


A city full of fun and facilities

Finding a hotel in Amsterdam is easy, but anyone who prefers to use a hostel or AirBnB for their overnight stays will have ample choice as well. Amsterdam is well-prepared for receiving large numbers of visitors, as you will find out for yourself when you spend a day in town. Cafés, bars, restaurants, shopping districts, and market squares are all around. If you prefer to just wind your way through the streets of Amsterdam, strolling along the old canals, you are bound to enjoy your stay as well. Just like the windmills of Kinderdijk, the many different faces of Amsterdam are well worth the visit for anyone interested in getting to know the Netherlands!

Are you planning to visit Kinderdijk this summer? Please take into account the various roadworks.