The rugged and vibrant metropole by the Meuse

Rotterdam is a real must-see for anyone who appreciates urban lifestyle. It is a city with guts, and a city of action. Its sprawling ports, high-rise architecture, brand new Markthal indoor market, and Erasmus Bridge are just a few of the landmarks you’ll see in this can-do city. You’ll always find new adventures waiting in this rugged Dutch metropolis!

Rotterdam: right around the corner from Kinderdijk

At a stone’s throw from the peaceful polder surroundings of Kinderdijk lies the bustling port city of Rotterdam. The New York Times has justifiably listed the city among the top ten of urban destinations sure to be worth your while. Rotterdam has something good to offer each and every single visitor: hypermodern architecture, delicious eateries and cosy cafés, the shops lining the Koopgoot avenue, and the fresh delights for sale at the indoor Markthal market go hand in hand with the famous collection of the Boymans and Kunsthal museums, Caribbean Summer Carnival, the refurbished ocean cruiser named after the city, and the inspiring exhibitions of the Wereldmuseum.


From Kinderdijk to downtown Rotterdam in no-time

The city stretches out along both banks of the River Meuse, where inland shipping captains carry their loads from the huge Rotterdam sea ports and distribute them across all of Europe. Today, you can get to Rotterdam from Kinderdijk in the blink of an eye. Take a shortcut and hop on the Water Bus that carries you right into the city. An hour’s trip by bicycle will take through wonderful riverside landscapes and right into downtown Rotterdam. A fine combination with a visit to Kinderdijk indeed!  Our insider’s tip: get a Kinderdijk and Water Bus combination ticket for an easy and affordable crossover. Rotterdam enjoys art, culture, sustainable city planning, fine food and drinks in equal measure. Here, the people party hard, and work even harder: Rotterdam has the guts – what about you?


A city with a story to tell

Rotterdam stands apart from any other Dutch city. In the Second World War, German bombers robbed the city of its heart, but the people of Rotterdam were unfazed: they simply rebuilt their city from scratch. Today, the city has risen from its own ashes like a Phoenix, but it seems as if the Rotterdam citizens somehow got hooked on reinventing their cityscape and themselves. Innovation and sustainable architecture appear locked in an ongoing competition here, ensuring that there is something new to and amazing to see every time you visit Rotterdam.


Ease of access

This metropolis is readily accessible by any means of transport. If you travel by train, you will find yourself smack bang in the middle of the city’s heart as you leave the brand new Central Station. Trams and the underground will take you to all the city’s landmark locations, although strolling around is also a great way to get familiar with Rotterdam. You’ll also love the Waterbus and Water Taxi lines, taking you all across town on the waters of the Meuse and giving you an unmatched view of the impressive skyline. Take a boat trip through the vast port area, or scale the Euromast tower for a view of the entire city, and of the whole province if skies are clear!

Are you planning to visit Kinderdijk this summer? Please take into account the various roadworks.