Throwback Illumination Week 2023

With great enthusiasm, we look back on a successful Illumination Week. This year, we proudly celebrated the 51st edition of this annual spectacle in our beautiful World Heritage site.

After a summer that, weather-wise, left something to be desired at times, we were finally rewarded with a beautiful late summer during Illumination Week, making this edition extra special.


Beautiful week

The 2023 Illumination Week began with a musical note thanks to the Delta Concerts. Under the leadership of the rebellious collective Pynarello, this edition was once again an unforgettable musical experience in nature, with our illuminated windmills in the background.

The evening boat tours were once again a great success this year, and on several evenings, we were completely sold out. Under a sparkling starry sky, our visitors were treated to an enchanting spectacle of illuminated windmills. For participants in the Photography Workshop on Monday and Tuesday evenings, it couldn’t have been better either. A beautiful sunset marked the beginning of a clear evening. It was the perfect opportunity to capture the ultimate shot, and participants were rewarded with breathtaking photos to take home and further expand their portfolios.

But there was more than just the enchanting illuminated windmills. The social evening brought people together for a pleasant get-together, enjoying delicious snacks and drinks. Furthermore, on Thursday evening, all kayaks were fully booked for a fantastic trip on the water. And let’s not forget the Mill Market in the village. It was bustling with activities, with stalls filled with (local) delights and, above all, a lot of coziness.


Next year

We look back with pride on a very successful Illumination Week. We hope that everyone enjoyed it as much as we did and that they will join us again next year to celebrate Illumination Week in Kinderdijk together.

Lisette Haneveer
Fotograaf: Lisette Haneveer
Lisanne Vermaas

The author

Lisanne Vermaas

Lisanne Vermaas

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