Cruiser Vos & zn. terug in Kinderdijk

Na maanden van zorgvuldige restauratie in de scheepswerf Schlieker & Zonen B.V. te Dordrecht, is de ruim 100 jaar oude Cruiser Vos & zn. teruggekeerd naar de wateren van de Lage Boezem van de Overwaard.

Fully Electric

The extensive renovation has brought the Cruiser Vos & zn. into a new era. The outdated diesel generator has been replaced by five modern battery packs, and the wheelhouse has undergone a complete transformation. Furthermore, the “salon” on the aft deck has been replaced with an inviting deck featuring comfortable benches and a sunroof. Additionally, a bow thruster has been installed for better maneuverability.


Dedicated Volunteers

Arie Steehouwer, closely involved in the renovation from the Kinderdijk World Heritage site, is enthusiastic about the upgrades. He emphasizes that Cruiser Vos & zn. is now fully electric, in line with our UNESCO World Heritage status. Collaboration with volunteers and suppliers played a crucial role at every stage of the renovation process. This ranged from dismantling the wooden superstructure to detailed inspections of the progress by experienced technicians. The painting was done by a group of volunteers. The wheelhouse and railing of the restored Cruiser now have the same elegant color scheme as the Hopper Beatrix in our World Heritage site, while the bow has received a stylish black shade with a distinctive blue border.

Terugkeer van de Cruiser in Kinderdijk

Cruiser rondvaartboot terug in Kinderdijk
Cruiser rondvaartboot terug in Kinderdijk
Cruiser rondvaartboot terug in Kinderdijk


With the dedication of our volunteers and the support of partners such as shipyard Schlieker and Gebr. Hoek B.V., Cruiser Vos & zn. is in top condition after the renovation. The ship will now cruise the waters in style for many more years, offering visitors a beautiful view of our windmills!

Jantina out of the water

On the day of the returning of the Vos & zn. in Kinderdijk, the cargo ship, Jantina, was also lifted out of the water. This was for minor maintenance and the mandatory inspection of the 129-year-old ship.

Cruiser rondvaartboot terug in Kinderdijk

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