National Mill Day

The museum mills and pumping stations of UNESCO World Heritage Kinderdijk are open between 9 a.m. and 5.30 p.m.

On the second Saturday and Sunday of May, hundreds of windmills are open for visitors. For centuries, windmills have played an important role in reclaiming tracts of land, including in Kinderdijk. Go out this weekend and discover the icons of the Netherlands!


Windmill Day

On Saturday, May 11th, in addition to National Mill Day, it is also Windmill Day at Kinderdijk UNESCO World Heritage. This means that on this day, you can see the mills milling in a structured and simultaneously way for a period of time. It is a beautiful sight every year to see as many windmills as possible in operation at the same time. The minimum wind force required to put a mill into its work, and to allow the mill to continue milling days, is from wind force 2-3.

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Kinderen uitleg molenaar Nederwaard Kinderdijk
Kinderen met opa & oma op de rondvaartboot Kinderdijk
Kinderen bij diertjes molenerf Musuemmolen Blokweer Kinderdijk

Did you know that everything here revolves around water from start to finish? A good reason to enjoy this on one of our tour boats. But the mills are not only a unique sight from the outside. In the museum mills you can see, hear and feel what life used to look like. Step straight into history and experience it for yourself!

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Are you planning to visit Kinderdijk this summer? Please take into account the various roadworks.