Cycling, hiking, and photography in the natural splendour of Old Holland

Surrounding the Kinderdijk windmills lies a cluster of villages where the history of the polders is still tangible. This is the old green country of Alblasserwaard, where a total of 56 windmills keep the atmosphere of centuries past alive. Starting out from Kinderdijk, this is a delightful place for cycling, hiking, and relishing Dutch nature and culture.

Living proof of Dutch water management’s power

The Alblasserwaard region is living proof of the power of Dutch water management. These lush and verdant flatlands are divided into polders, where water is being milled to the rivers for centuries on end. Connected to the most beautiful national cycling routes and hiking trails, this mill country has a great day out to offer for everyone. Picturesque villages watch from the safety of their ‘donken’ hills as year after year, visitors, hikers, and cyclists from all over the world come to breathe in a stunning stretch of all-Dutch countryside, made by the power of the water and the technological insights of the Dutch people.